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Asparagus and Curry Egg Casserole

Allergies: Eggs4 ServingsCalories: 355 per serving Up your culinary game and try cooking our Asparagus and Curry Egg Casserole using the ‘Bain Marie’ technique. By placing your cooking container into a larger container holding hot water, you can create a pillowy bed of curried egg whites for your crisp asparagus and rich-tasting ham. Ingredients 24 egg whites 3/4 … Continue reading Asparagus and Curry Egg Casserole

What to Eat: Lunch Out

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but lunch often presents the biggest challenge when you’re working on losing or maintaining your weight. Even if you’re simply trying to make healthier eating choices, lunch out at a café or restaurant can be stressful. Here are some quick tips to make navigating the … Continue reading What to Eat: Lunch Out

Exercise and how to get it at work…

Walk to work If you live close enough and weather permits, turn your commute into exercise. Walk, jog, or ride your bicycle to work. Even if you’re not close enough, you can still park your car far enough from your office to get in a little walking, or get off public transportation at an earlier … Continue reading Exercise and how to get it at work…

Snacking! How often is too often?

Whether it’s because we’re crazy busy, or because snacking helps with portion and craving control, many people find themselves snacking throughout the day – rather than eating “three square meals.” This raises the question, is this frequent snacking helpful for weight maintenance or not? The answer is, it depends. Snacking pros and cons Done right, ‘smart … Continue reading Snacking! How often is too often?

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