I started seeing Dr. Lovell for chiropractic care 5 years ago and I was amazed at the stark difference in Dr. Lovell’s techniques in comparison to other chiropractors I have seen over the years. Dr. Lovell is a true healer!!! She takes her time, she reviews all of my health records and orders special studies if needed. Her bedside manners far surpasses any doctors I have ever seen. I can’t imagine having to see another Chiropractor. She has saved me and my children love Dr. Lovell-Brown. She has helped them through sports injuries so they could continue playing. We love our Chiropractor!!!!!!

~Jamie Brown

I could not be happier that I called the Ideal Body Center in Loomis, CA. When I started the program I was over 200lbs and feeling very unhappy in life. After just 8 short week I lost 35 lbs and over 4 pants sizes. I redefined my relationship with food and learned the science and the reason behind weight loss and weight gain. I am comfortable making smart decisions during the week while still enjoying my guilty pleasures in moderation. I plan to return yearly for my “pancreatic reset”. I know that at the Ideal Body Center, my health and my life are their first priority and concern. The coaches provide one on one support and care throughout your journey back to health and I could not be more pleased with my results. Thank you, Dr. Lovell and team for all you have done for me!

~Branden, Sacramento, CA

AGE 63
Height 5’3”
Weight 161
Weight Loss: I lost 33 pounds in the first ten weeks—and a total of 126 pounds!

Down Sizing I went from a size 26 (3X) to a size 10. My BMI went from 42 to now a 28. I feel great, look fantastic, I’m off all medications (I was pre-diabetic) and now I know how to keep it off for good!

Turning Point I knew it was time to do something, I was pre-diabetic, on medications and felt defeated and doomed to be fat until I saw a co-worker losing weight. I knew I couldn’t keep living the way I was. I attended The Lovell Center’s free presentation for their Weight Loss program and knew I had found my answer.

Healthy Improvements My doctor is really amazed by what I’ve accomplished. My cholesterol and blood pressure are both in the normal range, I’m off all my medications and I feel good every day!

Staying Motivated The coaching staff have been my lifeline. I’ve actually stopped seeing my therapist! They understand and never give up, even when I think I might, they are always here for me. They don’t scold or berate, they just support you and let you see how you can improve and get back on track. The rapid results I experienced on the program really helped me stay focused and motivated. I knew if I just followed the program and stuck with it, I’d continue losing weight. And that’s exactly what happened. I refused to let anything get in my way.

Lessons Learned The entire experience was a real education for me. I not only learned how to eat better, I have learned how to feed my body whole foods, to move more and stress less, but I also learned really practical things like how to overcome a weight plateau and how to make healthier choices at parties where food and drinks are so abundant. I used to think it was too late, it’s never too late. I am so grateful to and thankful for Ideal Protein and The Lovell Center for Weightloss and Wellness.

He Said What? After I lost weight with The Lovell Center for weight loss and wellness, my doctor hugged me after my last exam!

Big Changes I have so much more energy and can do so many more things with my family. Before I lost weight, I was ALWAYS tired and always getting sick. Now, I’m so much more productive at work, I no longer have brain fog, I wake up every morning with energy and I’m much more active.

New Woman I recently went to my high school reunion and people who haven’t seen me in a long time didn’t even recognize me and gave me wonderful compliments. That made me feel so accomplished that I want to share this with everyone.

Chris Handley