The Lovell Process is a life change that promotes permanent weight loss…Our purpose is to clear a path toward weight loss and true happiness!!!

Our mission is to increase the well-being of our participants through all-natural weight loss, and by empowering them with the knowledge to make sustainable, balanced lifestyle choices after dieting.

When you follow the Lovell Process, you will learn:

  • how calories are burned most efficiently
  • how to become aware of, and calculate, true calorie consumption
  • which foods are best suited for life-long stable weight management
  • the proper balance between protein, fat, and carbohydrates
  • how protein, fat, and carbohydrates affect your body and your mind
    and much more.

The Lovell Weight Loss Process: A Two Step Process

The Lovell Weight Loss Process is dedicated exclusively to medical weight loss. Our medically designed weight-loss treatment process consists of changes in diet, physical activity levels and behavioral therapy.

Your personal Lovell Clinic team of healthcare professionals – including a panel of Doctors and nurses who are experts in weight management have designed a scientific process that is repeatable, predictable and measurable to ensure your success!

Step 1: Assessment and Management

Our two-step process begins with customized assessment and weight loss management.

Every person comes to us with unique circumstances. Our customized assessment begins by determining your degree of obesity and reviewing overall health status.

Our weight loss management program involves a customized plan for immediate weight loss, lifetime maintenance of body weight, and steps to control other health risk factors.

Our highly trained staff will evaluate your labs, your past medical history along with existing medical conditions, together with our comprehensive body composition analysis to ensure you are qualified to participate in our program.
Step 2: Coaching and Accountability

We know firsthand how challenging it is to lose weight, especially when trying to do it on your own. The second step of our process was built to recognize your need for effective coaching, guidance, and judgment-free accountability during your weight loss process. The most beneficial part of our coaching is to teach you how to maintain your results throughout your lifetime. We want to empower you to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Our licensed practitioners and certified coaches provide compassionate counseling and on-going follow-up on proper eating habits, exercise, behavior modification and other aspects of weight-loss. Your Certified Personal Coach will recommend a diet and set physical activity goals which must be recorded regularly throughout the duration of your program.

We know the lonely path that leads to obesity. Trying to reverse course on your own can feel so overwhelming that it’s easy to give up. Our commitment to compassionate, non-judgmental coaching is the key to moving forward. Persistence beats resistance. It is our commitment to coaching you through your weight loss process that allows you to have 100% effectiveness and success!!!

What to Expect during Your First Visit

Our licensed practitioner’s and Certified Coaches will perform an initial work-up to determine if you are qualified based on your history, physical examination, and laboratory work. Your overall physical and mental health is assessed and your personal coach will determine if you are ready and motivated to lose weight.

Dietary status, weight history and history of mental status are recorded.

  • Height, weight, body measurements, BMI, Body and Fat Percentage are recorded. Additional exams of the head, neck, thyroid, heart, lungs, abdomen and extremities may be performed.
  • Laboratory testing may be performed. This includes a CBC and metabolic panel, thyroid function and other body composition testing. You may submit your labs from your primary care.

The cost to participate in a medically supervised weight-loss program is comparable to the cost of weight-loss programs that do not have a physician on site. Health insurance companies may cover some or all of program if your primary care physician has written a prescription for this. Check with your insurance companies. (Lovell’s Weight Loss) Center does not bill insurance.