What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine is an advanced medical treatment that initiates the healing of your body from the inside out. Through the use of injectable donated cells or acellular nanoparticles, collected during a cesarian birth and all from carefully screened mothers, your body is signaled to begin healing itself and/or to reverse the visible signs of aging. In short Regenerative Medicine is a branch of medicine that aims to replace, repair, and regrow damaged or diseased cells, organs, and tissues.

Treatments Offered:

  • Stem Cell Exosomes, or PRP joint injections
  • Vampire Facials
  • Non-surgical facelift with bioactive filler
  • Peripheral wound care
  • Podiatric Pain
  • Hair and Scalp treatments using PRP injections
  • Nutritional IV Therapy
  • Incontinence and Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction
  • Non-Surgical Breast lift 3-6 treatments with bioactive filler and PRP

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